Gorbel Inc. Gorbel has over 30 years experience providing overhead handling solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. We have a comprehensive line of Crane Technology products, including work station bridge cranes, patented track cranes, I-beam jib cranes, gantries, and work station jib cranes. We also have an exciting line of Ergonomic Lifting products, featuring our G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device, our Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Arm, and our G-Jib®.

Power Electronics International Inc. Power Electronics started in Chicago, Illinois in 1969 designing variable frequency drives.

PE is also one of the early pioneers of solid state A.C. motor soft-start controls and complete control panels. Located in East Dundee, Illinois, our new multi-level manufacturing production facility allows PE to maintain and increase product quality, reliability and offer short lead times to our customers.

As a world-class manufacturer of Micro-Speed® variable frequency drives and Smooth-Move® reduced torque control units, PE equipment is world reknown for high reliability and quality. Multi-Vector® drives also make PE the world leader in heavy-duty closed loop quality hoist speed control. With over a quarter of a million crane/hoist motions utilizing Power Electronics International, Inc. equipment, you can be assured if it’s PE then it’s the best! PE is also a U.L. and C-U.L. approved manufacturer of quality control panels and automation sustems.

Universal Electric Corporation For more than 85 years, we’ve been manufacturing innovative electrical power solutions that meet our clients’ needs and their budgets.

Today, as a global leader in customizable power distribution systems, we continue the tradition of excellence by providing the data center, retail, health care, higher education and industrial markets across the U.S. and around the world our unique suite of flexible power solutions.

Black Bear Corporation Black Bear Corporation, established in 1971 as a aluminum pattern shop, began manufacturing hoists in 1978 and has since achieved worldwide recognition for being "The Global Hoist Solution Provider".

The company has grown as a manufacturer of a diversified range of manual, electric chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists, and open winches as well as many overhead crane-related components such as motor, end trucks, and power systems.

Cleveland Tramrail Cleveland Tramrail has been the industry leader in the manufacture of patented track monorail and underhung crane systems. Cleveland Tramrail patented track revolutionized the industry with it's special raised tread, hardened track design (Patented Track). These special rails permit the use of under hung carriers operating on one single straight, curved or inclined track, or underhung cranes operating on two or more straight track runways.

The patented track system, heart of an under hung crane or monorail material handling installation, must meet five essential criteria - strength, durability, flexibility, safety, and economy. Cleveland Tramrail track is specially developed to meet these needs.

G-Force® G-Force® and Easy Arm™ devices are part of an exciting new family of material handling equipment known as Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD’s). They use exclusive patented technology and an industrial processor controlled servo drive systems to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. Their fusion of advanced technology and basic human guidance maximizes productivity while minimizing the risk of injury to the operator.